Philip Marsh

Principal Investigator

I received my PhD from McMaster University in 1983, and was a Research Scientist at the ECCC National Hydrology Research Centre in Saskatoon from 1984 until 2013. During this time, my research focused on the hydrology of the Canadian High Arctic and the Mackenzie River Basin, with much of my research over this period of time carried out in the Mackenzie Delta region of the NWT, with hydrologic studies of the Mackenzie Delta and the uplands to the east of the Delta. Since joining Laurier as a Canada Research Chair, my research has continued to focus on climate change issues in the NWT, and specifically at two long term research watersheds near Inuvik, NWT. These include Havikpak Creek and Trail Valley Creek.

This research is integrated into the Laurier – Government of the NWT Partnership program.